India, Fiji to enhance relations

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The Indian High Commissioner to Fiji, Vinod Kumar wants to further strengthen the bonds of friendship and cooperation with the Fijian Government.
Mr Kumar said India and Fiji were working on improving their relationship in many areas.
“These include not only the traditional areas such as trade, investment and communications but new areas like health care, education and new and renewable sources of energy,” said Mr Kumar while speaking to the Ministry of Information during the 62nd Republic Day of India celebrations at India House in Suva last Wednesday night. We all are facing energy shortages, which is going to be more intense in future.
Applications of space science is another area. There are more and more areas that we can work together in, for instance the area of solar energy and the possibility of exploring maintenance.” Mr Kumar said there was an Indian expert in the country who could assist Fiji in the area of solar energy.
“Solar energy is a promising area and we have an expert, who runs an NGO, Bunker Roy and when I meet him, I’ll suggest to him. I think he might already be thinking on those lines. In India, he initiated what we call solar engineers. These are women who go around villages encouraging people to use solar energy,” Mr Kumar added.
“They can also fix and set up the solar energy equipment. So this is something, which has become popular in India and that is an area where we can cooperate. And of course, there are other areas like geo science, application for space science where we can work together.”
Mr Kumar said their particular focus should be on further expanding the people-to-people relationship.
“We are thankful to the Fijian Government for their support and cooperation in multilateral fora. As a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council for the next two years, we will work closely with Fiji and other countries in the UN, including the reform in the UN,” the High Commissioner said.
“We would particularly work with developing countries on issues of common concern. We look forward to welcoming Fiji as a fellow member in the Non-Aligned Movement.”

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