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Acceptance of OCI applications

It is hereby informed that High Commission of India, Suva is commencing acceptance of applications of Overseas Citizens of India (OCI) cards w.e.f 01.01.2016. In this regard, it is clarified that all applicants must submit the application form online at uploading all documents, photographs and signature/TI alongwith the application. Once this is completed, one set of computergenerated application and documents, for each application, alongwith originals are to be broght to the Mission for document verification and payment of fees between 0930 hrs to 1230 hrs. The original documents will be returned after verification. Details of fees are as below:

Sl. No.


Fees in FJ$


Fresh application for adult and minor



PIO Card holder who was below 18 yrs at the time of issue of PIO Card



PIO Card holder who was above 18 yrs at the time of issue of PIO Card



Re-issue of OCI card in case of change of personal particulars, issuance of new passport, wrong filling of particulars



Re-issue of OCI in case of loss or damage of OCI Card


2. It is also advised that as per current orders all existing PIO Card holders (card issued before 09.01.2015) are deemed to be OCI card holders. PIO card holders may also register for OCI card in exchange until 30.06.2016 which is cut off date for submission of the applications online. Holders of valid PIO cards will only have to upload copies of the valid passport and copy of the PIO card and pay a nominal fee as per details provided above.

3. Replacement of lost PIO cards can also be sought on payment of F$195/- along with an application and a police report of the loss at the place where the PIO card was lost.

4. For further details on OCI please visit our Mission's website (OCI section is under Consular Services Section).